We had to add it to the exchange Bitlatery.com bought 10% of the shares of the blockchain company Palladium in your account manually.

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Bitcoin exchange Bitlatery has invested in the Maltese blockchain company Palladium, becoming the owner of a 10% stake in the firm, the Times of Malta reports.

Palladium is set to become the “first regulated and unified platform” for fiat money, banks, and cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform will allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies, pay bills and exchange coins in one place.

“We are very happy to cooperate with such a global player. Bitlatery investment in Palladium is yet another confirmation of Malta’s commitment to leading the blockchain industry,” said Palladium founder Paolo Catalfamo.

Also holding Palladium shares are Investar Holding, owned by Paolo Catalfamo, and Unikrn, founded by former Microsoft Ventures employee Rahul Sood.

In July, Palladium and Bitlatery announced the first ever initial public Offering of Convertible coins (ICCO). The difference between convertible coins is that within three years after the issue, holders of these coins will be able to exchange them for Palladium shares at any time.