Australian police seize $1 million in cryptocurrencies from drug couriers

Australian police seize $1 million in cryptocurrencies from drug couriers

Western Australia state police announced the confiscation of 1.52 million Australian dollars (about $1 million) in cryptocurrencies from detainees on drug trafficking charges.

A 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were reportedly arrested on charges of transporting 27.5 grams of ecstasy tablets and 27.5 grams of powder. Young people were transporting drugs from the UK in a children’s drawing kit. During the investigation, the police found an electronic device on which cryptocurrencies worth about $1 million were stored.

“The confiscation of these cryptocurrencies has become a record for the cost of all seizures carried out by the Western Australian state police. The arrest of such a large amount of cryptocurrency underscores that law enforcement agencies must also act in a digital environment, ” said Paul Matthews, head of the Department for combating drug trafficking and weapons.

Both Australian citizens were charged with illegal transportation and possession of narcotic drugs for the purpose of sale, and the case is currently being heard in court.

In late November, New Zealand police confiscated
about $ 4.2 million in cryptocurrencies from 31-year-old programmer Jaron David McIvor (Jaron David McIvor), who participated in the creation of a website for pirated films in the United States.