ESET: criminals use YouTube to spread the miner virus

ESET: criminals use YouTube to spread the miner virus

ESET, a cybersecurity company, reported that criminals are using the YouTube video service to spread a virus-miner for the hidden mining of the Monero cryptocurrency.

According to the report, criminals use the stantinko botnet for cryptocurrency mining, which encrypts the IP addresses of proxy servers for the operation of a virus miner in a YouTube video. Computer security specialists discovered such videos and reported them to the service, after which the videos were deleted.

At the same time, the program does not extract cryptocurrency if the laptop is running on battery power, since rapid discharge may cause suspicion in the user. Mining also stops if the user opens the task Manager window. In addition, the virus-miner interferes with the work of other programs for mining cryptocurrencies.

Stantinko for the first time a botnet was discovered in 2012. At the same time, hacker attacks are mainly aimed at users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. ESET estimates that there are about 500,000 infected devices on the network.

Recall that in September, it became known about the discovery of a new virus-the skidmap miner for the Linux operating system, which hides its activities.