Bitcoin developers have agreed on the details of Taproot activation with the help of a “draw”.

Bitcoin developers have agreed on the details of Taproot activation with the help of a "draw".

The developers could not decide on the details of the activation of the Taproot update and applied the “draw” in the Bitcoin blockchain to complete the discussions that began a year ago.

According to the data obtained from the Bitcoin blockchain node, the result of the” draw ” determined that the Taproot update activation timeline will be measured using the Median Time Past (MTP), and not the block height.

Recall that last month, Bitcoin developers and community members decided on a schedule for deploying the Taproot update. Preparation for the activation of the code will begin in May through the Speedy Trial, and the update itself will be activated in November. Taproot and Schnorr signatures are the biggest Bitcoin updates since SegWit.

In February, Bitcoin developers said that the updates could start working on the blockchain in July of this year. For a long time, the developers could not decide on the mechanism for activating updates. However, yesterday’s “draw” resolved the dispute about how the time elapsed between the release of the update and the end of the waiting period for its support will be evaluated in the Bitcoin blockchain.

The developers discussed two options: one using the block height indicator, in which the end of the support period is initiated after the extraction of a certain block, and the second option using MTP, where the end of the period occurs based on real time obtained from the block data.

The” draw ” in favor of MTP occurred at block 678,079. After that, Bitcoin Core developer Andrew Chow removed his code inclusion request based on the block height. MTP means that after enabling the Taproot code, miners and node operators will have exactly three months to support the update before the waiting period expires.

“We have two good options, and opting for a toss – up means that people agree to set aside minute preferences in favor of choosing one option for the common good,” wrote Bitcoin Core developer Jeremy Rubin. “I think it’s appropriate to use a toss-up in these circumstances, although I admit that some may find this approach to development too frivolous.”If 90% of the miners are supported, the activation of the Speedy Trial will be successful and the update will be fixed for activation three months after the start of voting. In another three months, Taproot will be activated on the main Bitcoin network. Presumably, the voting will begin on May 7 and if the miners demonstrate sufficient support, Taproot will be fixed for deployment on August 7 and activated on November 15.